It would be a pity to have to wait for another anniversary to prompt further performances.

The five hundredth anniversary of his birth occurs this year.


As a related special event, the 20th anniversary of two-level morphology was celebrated.

It was the tenth anniversary of his first major hit, a track often cited as the single inspiration for the global techno scene.

Libations, funeral anniversaries, pictures, tombs, houses and inscriptions on the wall : all contribute to the remembrance and help to maintain the concept of ancestor.

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The anniversary statements indicate the day on which the 400day year ended.

Other distributions were often carried out on the anniversaries of benefactors.

Perhaps the passage of the golden anniversary of this operation should stimulate a degree of reflection among surgeons and cardiologists.

Accordingly, it is worth reevaluating this classic on the fortieth anniversary of its first publication.

If this is so, then the anniversary date of 1568 is likely to have been computed, and the error would not have resulted from copying.

There is precise information about the celebration of the anniversaries of founders and benefactors throughout the year, with appropriate pittances and almsgiving.

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It went co-educational just before its fiftieth anniversary; women now amount only to 40 per cent of its students.

In addition, ad hoc benefit increases are sometimes given without calculating costs, as happened in 1999 during the 50th anniversary of the nation.

That is, was the 1558 “anniversary” date – at 140 rather than 400 days after the 1557 anniversary-used as the base for future anniversaries?

Observance of the anniversary continued for several decades further.

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