of these 22 children, 11 were aggressive, high-risk children and 11 were low-risk, coparticipants in the problem solving skills training groups.

the developmental psychopathology approach allows us to conceptualize and compare aggressive and self-injurious conditions in terms of developmental timing and course trajectories.

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these findings should ultimately result in earlier and more effective interventions for aggressive children.

unlike many other types of cancers, only a small fraction of prostate cancer cases are aggressive and life-threatening.

thus, aggressive behavior mediates some of the individual poverty effect yet classroom (and school) poverty still remains important.

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unreceptive females either flew away or prevented mating by a series of aggressive movements.

however, maltreated children’s resulting hypervigilance for aggressive stimuli may have deleterious effects on their information processing in nonthreatening conditions.

in the late 1990s, most actors favored aggressive monetary easing to address persistent deflation and slow growth.

in their study of aggressive adolescent boys in residential mental health treatment, the stimuli were facial expressions of others depicted in photos.

because our primary objective was to assess perceived containment among highly aggressive children, departures from a normal distribution are not particularly problematic.

rejection, on the other hand, is more cleanly linked with disruptive and aggressive behavior profiles and it is unrelated to prosocial ones.

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in the latter study, maternal proactive parenting practices with aggressive, disruptive 2-year-olds predicted fewer problems by kindergarten.

disorganized infant attachment classification and maternal psychosocial problems as predictors of hostile – aggressive behavior in the preschool classroom.

our present-day encounters with unfamiliar males in the waking life are not predominantly aggressive.

assume all players in a segment of the circle that represents the group with at least two members simultaneously introduce the aggressive cooperative strategy.

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