In contrast, action planning is an off-line operation, planning future actions in accordance with expected and/or intended future events.

When we deferentially compliment someone, we speak in strict accordance with the rules, whereas our verbal insults gain emphasis when violating the rules of dialogue.


Our response rates, varying between 38 % and 51 % depending on outcome measure used, are in accordance to other studies.

Virtual particles appear and disappear in accordance with the uncertainty principle.

Again, this is in accordance with the postmodern principle that the appearance has priority over the technical and the practical.

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It advises an agent to reason in two tiers: optimize over plans, and select actions in accordance with the plans thus adopted.

It is composed of representatives of member states and acts both as an advisory committee and a regulatory committee in accordance with general comitology procedures.

However, they also argued that the amendments to 340 were not in accordance with shari-a.

The modification involves moving the point path away from the vertices and edges of the obstables, in accordance with the algorithm presented.

It tries to integrate results from other proposals and evolves in accordance with standards and well-proved results in the area.

Call for proposals and selection of submissions could be done in accordance with the regional research priorities.

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Finally, in accordance with the recent literature, it is important to explore the computability dimension of the proposed notions.

If a limited codification is deemed necessary, then this is what needs to be codified : act in accordance with a humble assessment.

This observation is in accordance with findings in mice.

But beyond this, it is a claim that an individual or collective will conscientiously act in accordance with these norms.

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