[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier 2019 License File & License key

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to Avast Premier 2019 license file. Like most antiviruses, you can activate Avast Premier in both ways: Through Avast Premier license file and activation code for Avast Premier. And here, we are going to tell you about both.

Get the Avast Premier License key for free using our website. Avast Premier License is moreover executed on each corner of your PC desktop. The Avast Premier License File is reliable and performs without creating any sort of disturbance in your PC. Moreover, it is also recognized as a trustworthy source of providing license keys by the users worldwide.


Avast Premier License key 2018 continues the tradition of internet security on an even higher level. It includes the possibility to be used with other users simultaneously. Plus, it includes access to Avast Secure Browser.

To activate the application with license file, first you need to get it. In one of the sections, we have given links for Avast Premier 2019 license file; you can have it from there.

But if you prefer activation code for Avast, no worries. We have also listed many Avast activation codes. Some activation codes are only for a single year. But there is list of Avast Premier activation code till 2020. And we would advise you to go for that.

For those who want Avast Premier license file till 2050, there are links for them as well.

Now let’s know about Avast Premier itself.


Link of Avast Premier License File


About Avast Premier

Avast Premier License File is the most popular internet security software. This software is very useful to protect your computer from all kinds of threats and viruses. This antivirus program removes, and blocks all the threats and malware’s.

Like many popular software, Avast offers to use Avast antivirus on trial mode for some days or a month. But a company can’t survive through offering free services. Therefore, Avast launched paid version called Avast Premier with plans. In it, you receive all premium features and securities till certain duration based on purchased plan. But now Avast Premier itself has become part of even a bigger security suite called Avast Premium Security. As a result, you cannot find Avast Premier on official site of Avast. In this package, you get total security, be it malware scanner, web protection, cyber security and much more. You get automatic driver update feature. If you want the feature separately, you can check out our blog on Avast Driver Updater.

In this suite, you don’t get Avast VPN. But if you want it, kindly check our detailed blog on Avast SecureLine VPN. There you will find method to activate it as well.

It is not on official site of Avast, then how to get Avast Premier? It’s easy! Still you can get hold of Avast Premier through third-party site. And after having it installed, you can activate it with our Avast Premier activation code till 2050. Or there are link as well for Avast Premier license file 2050. So, activate the application whichever way you want.

[external_link offset=1]

Pros of Avast Premier:

  • Malware Scanner
  • Real-time Protection
  • Web Shield
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android.
  • Webcam Protection
  • Sandbox feature
  • Data Shredder

Cons of Avast Premier:

  • Heavy application. Therefore, it is very slow
  • VPN is not included.
  • Costly than other antiviruses
  • Web Protection is not that effective

Okay with above cons? Then go ahead and activate the program with our free Avast Premier key.

Get Avast 6 months free [Official]

  1. Download and Install Avast from this link (v.imp step)-You cannot use this offer unless you are invited i.e., use this link
  2. After installing, register a new ac i.e., signup.
  3. After first scan you will be offered 60days trial you can use by adding any card like imudra/icicipocket/Yandex card etc…
  4. But we are not interested in 60 days trial…so go to MENU—EARN REWARDS section
  5. Copy the invite link
  6. Use that link to install avast in your other pc/friend’s pc or you can install it in virtual machines
  7. After 2 days you will get 6 months trial, claim it in earn rewards section.


Comparison: Free 🆚 Paid Avast Premier

Below we have done quick comparison between Free and Paid Avast Premier. It’s obvious that free version is going to have limitations of duration and features as well. And to break free of them, you will have to activate the program with Avast Premier key or Avast Premier 2019 license file.

In free version, you can use the application for only 30-day period. Addition to that, you will have only one or two features. Though you will be able to see all features, but you cannot use them. As you click on any features, it will ask first to activate the program with activation code for Avast Premier. Here you will have all premium features without any limitation except of time. But almost all activation codes for Avast last at least 1 year. That’s a long time! If you want to activate the program for once and all, go for Avast Premier activation code till 2050.
Advanced ransomware protection, but no regular updates. Advanced ransomware protection with regular security updates.
No web protection from fake and suspicious websites. Web Protection. Therefore, your financial and identity credentials will be secure.
No firewall shields. Firewall shield that protects you from hackers trying to break into your computer.
No webcam It keeps your webcam access away from suspicious applications and sites.
No Wi-Fi inspector. Wi-Fi inspector analyses your network and shows its weak and critical points.
No sandbox. Sandbox where you can open any suspicious and malware encoded file. Even if the file contains malware, it will not go out of sandbox and into your system.
No Data Shredder. Data Shredder allows you to permanently delete a suspicious file without leaving even a trace of it. And that file cannot be recovered any more.

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

List of Activation Code For Avast Premier

Below we have given list of activation code for Avast Premier. As said before, you cannot find Avast Premier on official site of Avast. It has become part of Avast Premium Security. So, to download it, you need to go to third-party website and install it. Only after that, you will be able to activate the program.

Remember, each Avast Premier key and Avast Premier 2019 license is for only one year in one system. They cannot be used again and again in multiple PCs. But if you want to activate Avast Premier for a long time, go for Avast Premier activation code till 2050. Or you can choose to activate the program also with Avast Premier license file till 2050.

Links for Avast Premier License File Till (2050 – 2019)

New List for Avast Premier License File(2021)

  11. LDRGVZ-9944YJ-4ZU472

Avast Premium Security / Avast Antivirus Pro – 6 months license. 08/24/2021:

  • VERV9B-7G8QVJ-5Y4AJ6

Avast Premium Security 1 year:

  • AAP2-X3265210-4C05

Avast Premium Security:

  • Download
  • Product key: VLTE9F-WDLUT2-47L68W

Avast Premier License ID (Till 2017-2026)

License ID Valid Upto
23ee4fe1-4772-400a-b4b0-c32c2ba83cfe 2017
38d3cb06-eb7f-45b7-a2cd-96349541af3a 2021
87b349a5-8b8d-4eda-8311-dbb21422ebcd 2022
2a55ec92-4d26-4c70-a994-64ab714cdf9d 2023
c0996d32-160e-42a5-ab83-815b85a5b6f2 2026

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Avast Premier Key

License ID Valid Upto
AGHSPE -982YJJ- 5YU56N 2020
3DWS9E-CW75YJ-4Q48YA 2022

List of Avast Premier 2019 Activation Code

  1. 5HHE0-NG4OT-MULM3-C9GOX-Y3GJ5-N89V0
  2. P4XIS-CLT02-P791F-529QJ-2NWGJ-SXCAT

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Avast Premier Activation Code Till 2050 List

  2. UHFDN3-97X5C2-4Z443S
  3. NXNW5H-4AKMF2-4EU5F2
  4. 3DWS9E-CW75YJ-4Q48YA

All above license keys and license files are working. But if you find them “showing maximum limit reached”, it means they have been used by the users who came before you. So, in this situation, we would advise you to buy Avast Premier. Doing so will help developers of the software financially. You could find link for that in above section. Or you could click on below link.

>>>>>Buy Avast Premier<<<<<

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

Avast Premier: Frequently Asked Question About License File & Activation Key

How to Activate Avast Premier With Activation Key [Offline]?

To activate Avast Premier with activation key, first you need to get hold of an activation key. If you wish, you could buy Avast Premier license key from our purchase link in above section. Or you can go to our “List of Activation Code for Avast Premier” section and get it free from there.

After that, all you need to do is install the program in your PC. Now we are done with preliminaries. And hereafter the real work begins.

  • After installation, icon of Avast Premier will appear on your desktop screen.
  • Click on that icon and the program will open. You will see many options like Scan, Above, Privacy and so on and so forth.
  • Among these options, you will also see “My License”. Click on it.

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

  • After that, a window will appear. Here you will see options for activating Avast Premier.
  • If you want to activate the program with our given activation codes.
  • Now choose the option: “Enter a valid activation code”. Get out your activation code for Avast Premier and enter it in the input box and hit “ACTIVATE” button. That’s it! You have activated Avast Premier successfully.

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

How The Premier Key Works?

In general, Premier Key or any license key is used to activate the concerned application or software. Let’s understand it through an example: There are both kinds of software, free and paid. Some are completely free, and some software you buy before you can use them. And still there are some software whose both free and paid versions are available. The concerned company offers you free version as a trial for certain number of days. During that period, you can check the application thoroughly. And if you are satisfied with the product, you can go for its paid version. Usually, when you purchase a software product, you receive an activation code or Premier Key. And this code or key, you need to enter into the product. After that, you get rid of trial version, and all premium features and updates unlock for you.

Same is the case with Avast Premier antivirus. After installation, you need Avast Premier key to activate the program.

How Do I Activate Avast Free Antivirus?

When you install Avast free antivirus, you can use it only for 30-day trial period or so. On top of that, they allow you only to use a few features. But after activation, you could use the program for a year or so without any restriction on available features. So, the question is how do I activate Avast Free Antivirus?

[external_link offset=2]

To activate the application is easy. You just need to follow below steps:

  • First you need to install trial version of Avast Premier. You can download it easily from official site of Avast. It is free of cost.
  • Then install it into your PC.
  • Once you have installed it, you can use it for 30 days for free. So, it’s your choice whether you want to activate the application now or after 30-day trial period. Now you need to go to “My License” option.

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

  • After that, a window will pop up showing you options to activate the program.
  • Now choose the option to activate through activation code. Then, enter an activation code for Avast Premier in the input and hit “ACTIVATE” button.

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

How Do I Get Avast Activation Code?

There are two ways you can get Avast activation code.

Way 1

You can go to official site of Avast and purchase the product. This way, you will have to pay, and the Avast activation code will be delivered to you on the email. Avast does not ship products physically in boxes like some online store. Or you can also click on our given purchase link in above sections.

But we don’t advise buying Avast product from its official site. Because there products are bit expensive as compared to online retail store. At online retails store, they sell product at little bit cheaper price or with ample discount. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy Avast antivirus from there.

You can buy product from online retail stores in two ways:

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

Physically in boxes: You can order Avast antivirus, and the product will be delivered to you in box or package. In this box, you will get CD of software and a card or slip on which will be “activation code”. This activation code you need to enter in your Avast antivirus, and the application gets activated.

[2021 Updated] Avast Premier License File & License key by FLK

Digitally on email. Or you can choose to deliver on email. This way, the product will not be delivered to you physically. But you will receive Avast activation code on submitted email ID. After that, you need to download Avast antivirus from official site of Avast and install in your PC. Finally, go to your email and copy Avast activation code from there and enter it into installed Avast antivirus.

Way 2

You have to do nothing! In “List of activation code for Avast Premier” section, we have given free Avast antivirus activation codes. You can copy any one from there and activate your Avast antivirus with it.


We hope you found this blog helpful. Now you may have some idea about Avast Premier, and how you can activate it. In this blog, we also made comparison between free vs. paid Avast Premier antivirus; there we listed the features of both versions. So, it must be easy now for you to choose between them. Avast Premier has merged into wider security called Avast Premium Security. But if you are still using Avast Premier 2019, then good for you. Because in this blog we have provided you Avast Premier 2019 license files and Avast Premier activation codes. With them, you can now activate the program and enjoy all its paid features for free. To use for program for decades, use Avast Premier activation code till 2050 or Avast Premier license file till 2050.

Though Avast Premier includes automatic software and driver update feature, but it doesn’t have VPN. And for online anonymity and security, a good VPN is must. To get Avast SecureLine VPN separately, check out our blog of the same name. And if you want to have Avast Driver Updater as an alone program, you can check out our blog of the same name as well.

If you encounter any problem while installing or activating the software, mail us on [email protected] . We would be glad to resolve the issues. And if you have any queries, you could ask us on the same email address as well. Or you can join our Telegram Discussion Group.

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