▷ Warcraft 3 Customkeys QWER (Hotkey Download)

Welcome Warcraft 3 Fans! <3 This is the Download Page for updated QWER Warcraft 3 Customkeys (2018).

Just download the Customkeys.txt file and copy it into your Warcraft 3 folder.

Below you will find the Hotkey QWER Download and a guide how to activate the Customkeys.txt.


Info: We published a newer Warcraft 3 Customkeys guide here, that we recommend. (WC3 Customkeys + Inventory Keys)

Warcraft 3 Custom Hotkeys QWER Download:

Here is the Warcraft 3 Customkeys.txt QWER Download for your language:

Info: These Customkeys are for Warcraft 3 only!

If you search QWER Customkeys for Dota go here, or see our Hotkeys Overview.

Customkeys QWER for Warcraft 3 (English) 382,197 Downloads Download
Customkeys QWER for Warcraft 3 (German) 172,147 Downloads Download
Customkeys QWER for Warcraft 3 (French) 110,866 Downloads Download

What are Customkeys?

So, what are Customkeys?

The Warcraft 3 default key settings are randomly spread over the keyboard and different for each race.

This Warcraft 3 Customkey settings are the perfect solution:

It binds everything onto the keys QWER. That allows you to select, build and spell superfast without moving your hand at all! bizeps This will increase your APM (actions per minute) dramatically and you will play better in no time! 😀 bling

QWER Customkeys.txt for Warcraft 3

▷ Warcraft 3 Customkeys QWER (Hotkey Download)On this image you can see the keys of all spells:

It is the same thing for all Warcraft 3 heroes, buildings, workers and units! All Warcraft 3 keys are bound to QWER! This combination proved to be the best and most likely everyone loves it! 8) x33

Get your Warcraft 3 QWER Customkeys now and step up your game!!! bizeps

This configuration is allowed by Blizzard and is not considered as cheating or hacking.

Guide: How to install the Warcraft 3 Customkeys.txt?

Good news: Installing the Warcraft 3 QWER Hotkeys is really simple. Here is a guide how to activate the Warcraft QWER Customkeys.txt:

[external_link offset=1]

Step 1: Download the Warcraft 3 Customkeys.txt (click on of the Download buttons on top).

Step 2: Copy the Customkeys.txt into your Warcraft 3 folder:

The new way:

Just copy the Customkeys.txt file into: C:/Documents/Warcraft-III/CustomkeyBindings

▷ Warcraft 3 Customkeys QWER (Hotkey Download)

The old way:

Copy the Customkeys.txt file into: C:/Programs/Warcraft-III

▷ Warcraft 3 Customkeys QWER (Hotkey Download)

Step 3: Check the box inside the Warcraft 3 > Settings > Gameplay Options.

▷ Warcraft 3 Customkeys QWER (Hotkey Download)

After that, restart Warcraft 3 and test if your QWER Hotkeys work! bizeps bling

If they do not work, we can help you in the comment section.

We will always try to answer fast & also other commenters can help you.

Inventory Customkeys for Warcraft 3

A great combination for the Warcraft 3 QWER Customkeys is the tool AutoHotkey for the inventory items.

You can download AutoHotkey for Warcraft 3 here.

With AutoHotkey you can setup every item keys like you want, place new keys, swap keys and much more. bizeps

A cool thing is that you can bind ALL of your gaming mouse buttons to Warcraft 3 commands, with AutoHotkey.

Another option for this is Warcraft 3 Warkeys.

[external_link offset=2]

Warcraft 3 QWER Hotkey usage and tips

Decide yourself which keys are the best for you! crown

But…the most people use the QWER combination, it has many benefits: It is possible to reach a lot of different keys on the keyboard without moving the hand at all! This is important, because the actions have to be fast & blind! Moreover the keys 1,2,3,4 and so on are in a perfect place.

In Warcraft 3 I always save my army into groups (just an example) 😉

1 Main Hero
2 Main / melee army + second Hero
3 Ranged army or casters
4 Siege units or air units
5 Tanks & Stuff

Extra Customkeys:

~ Select idle workers.
Tab Switch the units inside a selection.
Spacebar Jump with the viewport to the latest alert.
Backspace Select Townhall(s).

That’s it!!! 😀

Now you should test it directly in a game, and start learning to do everything with Hotkeys! crown bling

Everything all right? If you need help make a comment!

Enjoy!!! 😉


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